About Banu's

I started Banu's as a small cooking class running out of my home in Te Atatu, Auckland. I have been surrounded by the wonderful smells, sounds, and tastes of authentic Indian cuisine since my childhood. My father ran a successful catering business in India when I was growing up, and has tremendously influenced me. He is my inspiration and he stood for "purity and quality".

I believe that food should nourish the soul and the body, and I aim to provide simple and authentic Indian recipes that fulfill this and are enjoyable to all. I have always loved cooking, and passing my knowledge and recipes on to others is a great source of pride and fulfillment for me.

My logo depicts the goddess of food Annapurna or Annapoorni. She is an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Parvati, the wife of Shiva. Temple art in India often depicts lord Shiva with his begging bowl (skull) asking Annapurna to provide food for energy to achieve knowledge and enlightenment.

Annapurna, for me, symbolizes nourishing care. Those who cook provide energy for others to follow their destiny. When food is cooked with a calm spirit and happiness it becomes something magical.

I would not be able to run my classes, make the products without the support of my husband my rock Sidharth, my very talented daughter Gauri, my creative Sons Raghav and Luke.

Food is in my DNA and our dream is to see Banus becoming a household name that stands for "purity and quality".

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