Delmaine has two specialised production facilities in New Zealand making a wide range of fresh foods. Aside from their well known range of filled and flat, fresh egg pastas they also produce fresh and shelf stable sauces, fresh soup, ready to eat meals and pestos.

Moving through their third decade of providing New Zealand with innovative and delicious products, there is no intention of slowing down, understanding that the key to customers enjoying food is in offering quality, authentic ingredients and inviting them to use their imagination. Their is a dedicated team of chefs and technologists researching and developing new products and recipes on a full time basis.

As a country we are acquiring more adventurous culinary tastes and an increased interest in how other people dine. Equally importantly we have an increasing understanding of what makes a product the best for using in new recipes. Things like quality, versatility and knowing that what you use is the same as the original are vital. By combining the traditional tastes of Europe with the latest in culinary enhancement Delmaine has created a range of premium fine foods that can be used for any dining occasion.

With this heightened awareness of the fine art of cooking comes a greater demand for suppliers, like Delmaine, to provide a superior definitive range. With a thirty year history of supplying the best foods and ingredients they are confident of meeting these demands now and in the future. This future is based on the critical success factors in the development of Delmaine's business; dedication to quality, commitment to serving customer's needs and the expertise of key people within the company.

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