Good Sh*t Soda

Good Sh*t is the world’s first Pre + Probiotic soda that comes in four yum flavours: Cola, Citrus, Berry and Ginger.

It tastes like real soda, minus the nasties. Every can contains one third of your Daily Fibre and 1 Billion Probiotics.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand!

Good Sh*t is good for your Insides.

We believe that when you put Good Sh*t in, you get good sh*t out. So what makes Good Sh*t? Want to know your Prebiotics from your Probiotics? And why is there cactus in your soda? How do you liquify fibre? Or maybe you’re just asking how you can spread the Good Sh*t.

You asked the Q’s. We have the A’s.

Why should I drink Good Sh*t?

Because it tastes so good! It has one third of your daily fibre and 1 billion probiotics. It's a healthy alternative to traditional sodas that’s low in sugar, has no artificial flavours and no caffeine — except for a really tiny amount in our Cola. It's also vegan-friendly, coeliac-friendly and Paleo-friendly!

What’s the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

Probiotics encourage the development of healthy bacteria and flora in the gut—they're living organisms. Like all living things, Probiotics need healthy food to survive and thrive. That’s where the Prebiotics come in. The best sources of Prebiotics are fibre-rich foods like vegetables, fruit and whole grains. So as well as Probiotics, we include a plant-based Prebiotic that provides around a third of your daily fibre needs in every can, and gives those Probiotics the energy they need to keep doing their good work!

How do you get dietary fibre into Good Sh*t?

Most of it comes from Acacia gum, which is a natural source of prebiotic, water-soluble dietary fibre. Experts recommend that adults have around 30 grams of dietary fibre every day. But let’s be honest — plenty of us don’t eat enough fruit and veges to reach that amount! Every can of Good Sh*t has at least 10 grams of dietary fibre — so drinking it can seriously help you meet your daily fibre needs. And it tastes good too — no stodgy sawdust aftertaste here!

How much sugar is there in Good Sh*t?

As far as sodas go, Good Sh*t is low in sugar. There’s less than 2.4 grams per 100mL! All of it comes from natural sources — like fruit juices, botanical extracts, coconut sugar, and a little bit of caramelised sugar syrup in our Cola.

Does Good Sh*t have caffeine in it?

The only caffeine in any of our drinks is a tiny (like, really tiny) amount in our Cola — 0.059mg per 100mL (an average double shot espresso has about 80mg!). It comes from the Cola Nut Extract we use, which has naturally occurring caffeine in it. Our other three flavours — Berry, Citrus and Ginger — are completely caffeine-free.

Good Sh*t and alcohol – good combo?

For sure — as long as you’re over 18! We’re doing research at the moment on what effect alcohol has on the probiotics in Good Sh*t. However that turns out, it still tastes great as a mixer. And please, always drink responsibly.

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Good Sh*t Soda
Good Sh*t Soda
Good Sh*t Soda
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