Manuel Martinez started his food career way back in the late 60's - in the good ol' days. Being raised in Guardamar (near Alicante in the southern part of Comunidad Valenciana), not far from "La Huerta", the veritable horticultural capital of Spain, quality products were always around.

Jump forward a few decades, and a daughter and son-in-law later are carrying on with the same passion, tradition and standards that they've been fortunate enough to be involved with producing high quality food around the world.

Martinez in New Zealand started when they couldn't find an affordable, quality chorizo (and charcuteriá), just like they used to have in Spain. They were either expensive (typically imported from Spain) or some local chorizo (read: it's labelled chorizo but is nothing like the ones they know) didn't reflect anything like the deliciousness that is true chorizo de España.

So now they make their own for everyone to enjoy.


Making a sausage is pretty easy really. Get some good meat, grind it up. Add some seasonings, mix it well and stuff into a casing. Cook. Eat.

So why do many taste a bit average?

Many reasons, but often it's a short cut of some form: no time, profit targets, pre-mix seasonings, artificial flavourings, questionable meat quality, emulsifiers, fillers, expanders, no love...we could go on. The quality suffers, and often it’s a “me-to” sausage - the same as all the others. And you can taste it.

But imagine if you took a well-made, tasty sausage (quality ingredients handled with care and attention) and dried it intensifying the flavour.

WOW! Delicioso. A truly tasty sausage.
This is at the heart of authentic Martinez chorizo.

They're fastidious. They don't cut corners.

Making great charcuteriá with time, care and love. The special ingredients.

Saludos, Familia Martinez.

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