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Our Story

Pure Oil New Zealand operates a large commercial oilseed crush plant located at Rolleston, Canterbury and supplies high quality, New Zealand grown and cold pressed bulk rapeseed and sunflower oils to New Zealand and overseas food manufacturing businesses.

Observing the rapid growth of cold pressed rapeseed oil in both the UK and Europe and the lack of it here in New Zealand – our supermarket shelves were packed with imported and highly processed (refined) cooking oils! Pure Oil New Zealand identified an opportunity to lift the standard of everyday use culinary oil in our local retail market with a healthy, fresh, locally produced and minimally processed cooking oil at an affordable price!

First produced as a trial run in 2014, The Good Oil New Zealand Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil was distributed to growers and industry partners as a Christmas gift. Their positive feedback and encouragement was overwhelming and so The Good Oil was launched into supermarkets in 2016 followed on by The Good Oil New Zealand High Oleic Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil in 2019.


Pure Oil New Zealand has full oversight of the growing and oil production process. The utmost care is taken throughout the whole supply chain.


GE free seeds for planting, diligent oversight of the growing and harvesting of the crop, then storing both the oilseed and oil in the correct conditions.


The ‘High Oleic’ monounsaturated fats in both The Good Oil’s rapeseed and sunflower oils provides a unique, beneficial balance of fat – 50% less saturated fat than olive oil.

Technical Information & Specifications

The Good Oil is cold pressed. What does this mean? Pure Oil New Zealand cold presses locally produced rapeseed using no added heat or chemicals, delivering an extra virgin rapeseed oil, which has a mild nutty taste, delicate aroma and is richly golden in appearance.

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