Will & Able

is the first social enterprise of its kind in New Zealand. We are on a mission to create 100 new jobs for Kiwi's with disabilities and make earth-friendly cleaning products you all love.

Our Ethical and Eco Story

The thing is people with disabilities have a hard time finding jobs. Being unemployed is lonely and makes you feel isolated, depressed and unmotivated.

We are changing that.

WILL&ABLE is a social enterprise initiative driven out of Altus Enterprises. An organisation that provides over 200 jobs for people with mental and physical disabilities. We provide our employees with a job to work at, a community to belong to, a purpose to strive for, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and a way to develop more independence and financial freedom.

We want to establish a business long term that is owned and operated by people with disabilities and not limited by any constraints, with the goal of employing as many disabled people as possible - not only in Auckland but in the rest of NZ as well.

Our value proposition is providing eco cleaning products with true 360 degrees recycling, closing the loop, and not just lip service, to ensure positive job creation for people with disabilities, so members can be sure their money is going towards a cause with integrity that focuses on ecological sustainability, social impact and ethics.

The thing is you might have been trying to do the right thing by the environment by buying eco but your product is sitting in a nasty old petroleum-based virgin-plastic bottle! Big no no for the environment. Of course, recycling your virgin-plastic bottle is better than it going straight into the dump. But in 2017, 41 million kgs of New Zealand's plastic waste was exported overseas (1)! Another huge no no for the environment. Hence our 360-circular solution. Our bottles are made from 100% NZ milk bottles.

Our RETURN TO SENDER recycling programme is our way of taking responsibility for what we make and sell. We guarantee your used WILL&ABLE bottles will be repurposed right here in Auckland into new useful materials. No virgin-plastic and no shipping recycling overseas. And your WILL&ABLE box will be recycled into packing material. That’s our eco and ethical story!

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