New Zealand has a rich history in creating the world's best lamb, beef and venison. These free-range grass-fed animals have some of the best tasting meats and are perfect raw materials to create uniquely New Zealand Artisan meat products.

Zaroa NZ have created a range of natural and organic specialty meat products that have exceptional flavour, that follow the clean label movement by using only natural and organic ingredients and which are focused on healthier wellbeing choices, providing convenience in your day to day cooking.

All Zaroa NZ products are made from natural Lamb, Beef and Venison sourced from export certified farms and abattoir.

Zaroa products are free from Pork, Gluten, Soy, and free of any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. (Clean Label)

Our products align with paleo and keto diets and eating a healthier minimally processed product!


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