Dairyworks Alpine Butter (Unsalted) 500g


Butter from Dairyworks is made from high quality fresh cream using world leading butter-making technology. Alpine Butter consistently delivers the superior flavour and mouthfeel needed in many applications such as baked goods and spreads.

It also serves as an ingredient in a wide range of food products. Alpine Butter has an excellent shelf life and maintains its fresh flavour well.


Pasteurised Cream, Salt

Nutritional Information

Serving/pack: 100 Serving size: 5g Nutritional Information Table Nutrient Per Serving Per 100g Energy 152kJ 3030kJ Calories 36cal 725cal Protein <1g 0.6g Fat, total 4.1g 81.4g Saturated 2.7g 53.9g Carbohydrate <1g 0.6g Sugars <1g 0.6g Sodium 30mg 600mg


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