Artisan Vinegar Black Currant Vinegar - Limited Edition 250ml


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This fruity vinegar is made from the best New Zealand Black Currants. The rich dark colour and incredible flavour is well captured in this special vinegar. It is like the essence of summer is captured in each bottle.

Only small batches are produced when the fruit is just perfect to make our limited edition vinegar.

Our blackcurrant vinegar gives a flavoursome tang to sauces, salads and desserts. It goes particularly well with beetroot. A little poured over simple vanilla ice-cream gives a real wow factor.

The intense and rich aroma will enhance your roast meats, chicken or beef alike. Mixed with water or sparkling water makes a refreshing summer drink.


Executive Chef Bernd Lippmann showcases and uses unique New Zealand produce, transforming them into outstanding artisan products which reflect a taste of New Zealand.

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