Mrs Rogers ECO Tuscan Seasoning 32g


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My blend of Tuscan inspired herbs & spices adds an authentic Italian flavour.

Suggested Uses

  • Perfect for white meats, vegetables & pasta dishes.
  • Sprinkle on meat & veges before grilling or BBQ.
  • Add to meatballs and cook in our pasta sauce for a delicious Italian meal
  • For an easy dish, drizzle a chicken breast with olive oil, sprinkle with seasoning & bake until juices run clear. Rest, then slice and Serve with roast veges or a fresh summer salad of basil, ripe tomato & slice fresh mozzarella.

The Variety

Made in New Zealand to my own recipe, using aromatic Italian inspired herbs with rich garlic and onion.

Ingredients: New Zealand Sea Salt, Garlic, Rosemary, Basil, Herbs & Spices, Onion & Sugar.

For Your Appreciation

My blend of Tuscan inspired herbs & spices adds an authentic Italian flavour. This is a well rounded seasoning that gives an over all flavour boost to enhance your dish.


Herbs and spices have been used for centuries for their health benefits, but what is more satisfying than a delicious meal that you have cooked yourself? That has got to be good for you!


The unique box is recyclable and biodegradable, made in New Zealand from unbleached PEFC certified responsible board, and printed with soy based inks. The bag inside is Home Compostable*; made right here in New Zealand from a unique plant based laminated film, that is majority derived from sustainably produced wood pulp & gm-free corn sources. Made from compostable films, certified to European standards: OK Compost Home. The unique bag has barrier qualities that seals in the flavours and aromas so your herbs & spices stay fresher, longer, and closable with our special re-usable & biodegradable wood bag clip means they do not make a mess of your pantry or drawers.*when composting at home, ensure there is a composting environment containing sufficient heat, water, oxygen, soil & micro-organisms.


Mrs Rogers makes your food taste better, naturally.

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