Family Gourmet Grocery Box



Restaurant Quality Fresh Produce

Heirloom Tomatoes 500g

Fresh Rocket Salad 250g

Cauliflower Each

Capsicum x 1

Swiss Brown Mushroom 500g

Bunch Spring Onion 200g

Fresh Basil 100g

Shallots 250g

Fennel Bulb x 1

Gold Beetroot 500g

Premium Meat & Poultry

Lamb Leg Diced 500g

Premium Beef Diced 500g

Chicken Breast Diced 500g

Beef Sirloin Steaks 2 x 200g

Premium Lamb Leg Mince x 500g

Artisan & Staples

Cocavo Sizzle & Drizzle Oil 500ml

Salsa Brava Wasakaka Sauce 250g

Artisan Vinegar Black Doris Plum Vinegar - Limited Edition 250ml

Artisan Vinegar Honey & Beer Mustard 195g

Artisan Vinegar Tamarillo Chutney 210gm

Forty Thieves Cashew Butter 500g

Mrs Rogers Eco Box Seasoning x 2

Delmaine Four Bean Mix 390g

Delmaine Red Kidney Beans 390g

Delmaine Tomatoes with Fresh Basil 400g x 2

Delmaine Tomato Sauce 580g

Delmaine Worcestershire Sauce 580g


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