Iceberg Lettuce (Each)


Iceberg lettuce is the go-to burger lettuce to get the crisp and the crunch popping! The leaves are crunchy and have a mild flavour, with the outer leaves darker green and the central ones pale green.

Lettuce can be used raw in salads, sandwiches and burgers, or the leaves can be used instead of buns for a healthier gluten free option. Iceberg lettuce leaves are great to hold hot fillings or finger food as well!


Refrigerate in paper bags or store in the crisper. Avoid squashing the lettuce. Alternatively, if the lettuce roots are still attached, stand the lettuce in a jar with the roots in water, and do not refrigerate.

Ways to eat

Lettuce is used raw in salads, sandwiches and rolls. Use several varieties of lettuce together to increase interest. Lettuce leaves may also be used as wraps. Older leaves can be used in soups.


While lettuce contains mainly water (95%) this is an advantage in that it provides hydration and is a low energy food. Lettuce is a source of folate and vitamin C. Some of the newer varieties such as red oak and butter crunch are more strongly coloured than the traditional varieties (iceberg), and the pigments (phytonutrients) that give them the colour have a range of potential health benefits. Most lettuce contains the pigments beta-carotene and lutein while the red coloured lettuces get their colour from anthocyanins.


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