Okra Fresh (500g)


Okra is sometimes known as ladies fingers, bhindi and bamia.

It is widely used in southern American states, the West Indies, India, Asia and South America and is an important part of Cajun cooking styles. It is probably best known as the key ingredient of gumbo - a stew of okra, tomatoes, chilli and chicken or seafood. It contains mucilaginous gum that acts as a natural thickening agent in soups, curries, braises or stews.


Refrigerate in paper bags. Use promptly. Avoid washing before storing, as the okra will become slimy.

How to prepare

Trim stalk ends. Okra can be left whole or sliced. Cook until soft and tender.

Ways to eat

Toss freshly cooked okra in lemon juice and a little butter. Okra can be added to curries, soups, salads, braises or stews.

Cooking methods

Bake, boil, steam, stew, braise.


Okra is a good source of dietary fibre, vitamin C and folate, a source of niacin, magnesium and manganese, and and contains a dietary significant amount of potassium. Phytonutrients, phenolics, carotenoids and flavonoids are found in okra.


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