Radish (200g Bunch)



Remove tops and refrigerate in a paper bag. Use promptly.

How to prepare

Remove green tops, scrub and rinse. Trim the thin tip of the root.

Ways to eat

Eat red radishes raw as a snack, in salads and sandwiches or use as a garnish. Eat Daikon (white radish) raw, boiled, roasted, baked or stir fried. They are used in Asian cooking and often pickled.


Radishes, like many salad vegetables, have a high water content and are therefore not nutrient dense. They are not consumed in high enough amounts to make a significant contribution nutritionally with the exception of vitamin C which they are a good source of. The main phytonutrients in radishes are the glucosinolates (also found in broccoli and cabbage) and anthocyanins in the red skin varieties.


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