Rocket Salad Fresh (250g)



Refrigerate in paper bags or in the crisper. Make sure the leaves aren't squashed. Use promptly.

How to prepare

Remove any coarse or wilted leaves. If necessary soak for a few minutes in warm water before refrigerating for 20 minutes to freshen up the leaves.

Ways to eat

Use raw in salads, sandwiches or garnish. Experiment as several of the varieties taste good when lightly blanched and served in a warm salad.


Salad greens have a similar nutritional content to lettuce, however, varieties such as rocket are richer in vitamin A (from beta-carotene). Some are also a source or good sources of vitamin A, selected B vitamins and some minerals. They are also low in energy (kilojoules). Salad greens provide a range of phytonutrients depending on the mix of leaves but include carotenoids (rocket, baby spinach), anthocyanins (red coloured leaves) and glucosinolates (leaves from the brassica family such as tat soi, chard, mustard and rocket).

Rocket is a good source of vitamin A and a source of calcium.


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