Round Green Bean (500g)


They are usually 10-15 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter with rounded pods. The pods are quite tender so it is not necessary to remove any strings. The complete pod is eaten although the ends can be trimmed if desired.


Refrigerate in paper bags. Use promptly.

How to prepare

If desired, top and tail (cut the ends off), then slice or leave whole. Broad beans are always used podded except when very young.

Ways to eat

The taste of beans is best when they are cooked until tender but still slightly crisp. Serve as a side vegetable sprinkled with chopped nuts or fresh herbs. Cold, raw or blanched, beans can be used in salads or used as a crudite with a dipping sauce.

Cooking methods

Boil, grill, steam, stir fry.


Green beans are a good source of dietary fibre, niacin and vitamin C, a source of folate, riboflavin, vitamin A, and vitamin B6 and contain a dietary significant amount of potassium.


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