Watercress (250g)



Refrigerate in paper bags. Alternatively, if the roots are still attached, place in a jar of water and do not refrigerate. Use promptly.

How to prepare

Wash well. Remove woody stalks and discoloured leaves. Use the medium to thin stalks and the leaves. Discard only the very coarse stalks; add these to stocks and soups for extra flavour.

Ways to eat

The dark green leaves have a peppery flavour. It can be eaten raw in salads, sandwiches, wraps and rolls. It is often used as a garnish, or in smoothies or juices, added to boil ups, stews and braises, soups and sauces. Use in place of spinach in omelettes, quiches and pancake fillings.

Suggested cooking methods

Boil, steam.


Watercress is a good source of folate, vitamin C and vitamin A (from beta-carotene). Glucosinolates are the phytonutrients plentiful in watercress.


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